Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Trauma

I'm not sure if it is just at my house, but why is it that every time you think that things are going along rather smoothly.. all... well, you know, breaks loose? For example yesterday. I was so on top of everything, so I thought. I had costumes bought, candy dish full, makeup ready, an idea how I was going to do said make-up. I had all props and accessories. All school bound children were out the door and on their respective buses. Whew!
 I have all morning to pick up my house and get it in semi-decent condition for those few parents who are nosey enough to pop their head in the door.
Bubby, the big boy, was excited for me to come to his parade at 9:30. huh? 9:30? dang! I'm not even dressed yet. Hurry, grab a bowl of cereal! Oh dang! who is at the door? Oh MAN it is the woman from DDI to play with Emilee. crud.
I forgot she was coming and for whatever crazy reason I have cancelled her last 3 visits. and... She has seen Buggyboo squealing in the window. OK... well... there goes Bubby's parade. crud!
Maybe i can make it anyhow. I will cut the visit short and zoom over. they never start on time anyhow, do they? and they seem to go on and on an on, maybe he wont be one of the first classrooms. I can still make it.
10:00 DDI is still here.... She is getting ready to pack up. Buggyboo is pulling more and more things out of her bag. The chat rolls on as i am constantly checking the clock.
Finally she leaves. 10:15. OK, breathe, pushing it, but we can go.
Buggyboo? Where are your pants. "in the baff room" she replies, "I peed in em."
Find new pants and looking frantically for shoes.... no deal, socks it is. (yes... I have done this!)
We get ready to walk out the door. A phone call.  MAN!!! what next?
Seems that LeeLee has worn the wrong kind of shoes to school and could I please take her some more appropriate ones.
WHAT??? Its not like they are 6 inch heels! they are black high top sneakers! Oh, but wait. they can only have WHITE SHOE LACES? ugh! Buggy? WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?
ok, breathe, ditch the parade, take LeeLee some different shoes and hand them over with a stern glare to the administration of her school.
I still have time to pick up the laundry out of the living room. that will have to do until Nanna and Buggy take a nap.
Nap time. no one naps. they just play. and squeal, and annoy each other. I am NOT taking ornery children trick or treating!
Finally Buggy goes to sleep, but Nanna has no one to annoy except for me. And she does. Being naughty, talking naughty and being way too loud for Buggy to sleep.  OK, you don't want to sleep? fine, YOU can clean the living room!
So... the deal was, if she didn't clean the living room, then she would stay home tonight.
Which really was an empty threat since there was no one home to be with her. but she finally took me serious. In the meantime I get a message on my phone that the visit is only going to be with LeeLee today and Bubby will have his visit on Wednesday. OK.... Just weird, but go for it. Bubby is looking forward to the visit, but i need to tell him. He gets sad, no tears, but sad. Goes for a ride on his bike.
LeeLee and Bubby are home. we have one hour until visit with their mom. we can do this. Buggy takes off her costume, clothes and pants and proceeds to pee on the floor. Nanna is having tantrums, Bubby has fallen and has blood dripping down his leg. LeeLee is crying hysterically because she cannot find the top to her costume. She takes off on her scooter.
OK... breathe! all kids are now in the car, mostly dressed (buggy? WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?!) and some of them have their make-up on.
Ready to go. I get a text from the caseworker. Mom isn't coming to the visitation. I tell leeLee and she is disappointed. says that mom was going to bring her hamster today. I give her a hug and again she takes off on her scooter. no tears.
Pull everyone out of the car, and get them in the house to finish make-up. Caseworker calls. Visitation is off, but therapy goes on.
OK... everyone BACK into the van, LeeLee? where are you?
she comes back just as I finish buckling in Buggyboo.
Off to visitation. no show? ok... therapy then.  It was pretty uneventful.
it is now 6:30, the kids haven't eaten, and it is getting time to trick-or-treat.
Trick or Treating was uneventful, they were done much sooner than i thought they would be, Buggy walked into the house, threw her shoes, took off her costume and dived into her candy. nine 'clock, and dinner was either leftover pizza, or a hotdog with applesauce. None of the kids had difficulty going to bed, except for Nanna. She wanted to play and annoy LeeLee.
So, Buggy's shoes are by the door, Nanna's time-out space is toy free, LeeLee and Bubby are both asleep.
Sigh. time to raid the kids' candy!
Hershey bar, mine! Butterfinger, Mine too! oh... 3 tootsie rolls. I'm good!

Oh... forgot to feed the dogs.

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