Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Monday, July 18, 2011

My kids

I know it is a little sentimental of me, but the actual reality is.... I love my kids... All four of them. Each of then in their own special way, and all of them collectively.

It was unplanned, more of an "I need to get out of the house!" Sort-of thing.
The kids and I drove around, but it was too hot at 95 degrees to do much of anything involving being outside. But... wait! No... This is Utah! We have mountains!
A few friends have talked to me about Rose Canyon. Although I had never been there, I was up for the adventure.
I actually found Rose Canyon on the first try. It isn't very high up, and is mostly a desert canyon, but regardless, it was a good "first run" with the kids.
When I decided the van was too big to go any further, we parked and went exploring.
On our adventure we found sunglasses and two real arrows. The boys were excited. Me on the other hand, sounded like the mom in "Christmas story". "Ralphie, you're going to shoot your eye out!"
7 spent his time chucking it like a spear. 4x4 would throw his straight up in the air. I had a horrible vision that it was going to come down and skewer one of the kids hairy little heads. But, it was a chance for the boys boy things. Whacking trees with sticks, jumping off stumps and throwing rocks in the creek.
It was kind of funny, they didn't want to get dirty (the boys that is!). So I made them tromp through the creek. It was funny. The girls did it willingly! The boys only did it at the threat of being left behind.
Nanna Banana liked finding large mushroom and stomping on their spongy bodies. goober pea was mostly interested in the bugs.
We also inspected a very large dandelion as well as analyzing horse poop a little too closely.
As I was watching my kids, I realized how much I do love them!

Unfortunately, since it was a spontaneous trip, I did not bring my camera.

But this may have been the trail we were hiking on

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