Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm a big girl now!

So, Buggy boo is now 27 months. She is leaping and bounding with milestones, even just this week.
She decided it was time to potty train. Just out of the blue. She woke up one morning last week and said she had to go potty. I put her on the toilet, and since then, there have been very few accidents. I guess its true what they say about "when they are ready, they are ready". Especially since both girls did it on their own, without training pants and without pull-ups. I am not a big fan of the pull up. its really no different than a diaper other than it pulls down. But, that's just me.
Since she has pretty much potty trained now, Tonight she informed me that she wants a big girl bed just like Nanna.
Mostly, this little girl has always had a slower to develop left side. as a small baby she always worked hard on her right side, but the left would just sort of tag along for the ride.
I first noticed it when I suspected a form of Lazy Eye when she was about 8 weeks old. It seemed to take forever for her to roll over, and when she did, she could only roll onto her back when pushing with her right arm. About a month later, she was rolling with both sides. When sitting up, most children will wave both arms up and down. Not my buggy boo, it was more of a "hail Hitler" type thing. It was actually funny to watch. She would also keep her left arm extended out. As she began to crawl, she would drag her left leg, so it was more of a 3 legged crawl. But once she mastered the crawl, she was off! She didn't roll over until she was 7 months old, she crawled at 8, and was walking one week before her first birthday.
I was worried at one time that she may actually have a small form of cerebral palsy. Her Doctor said that he didn't think so, but did point out that her left hand and foot were much more smaller and more delicate than her left. He mentioned that she should not have a preference yet for hands, and hers is very obviously her right. He said that she would never be a professional dancer, or world class soccer player.

It is due to the prenatal drug exposure.

She has been in physical therapy for it, and they said that she has since reached most of her goals. :) 
She still lopes when she runs, her feet turn in, she hates shoes, can't jump, and climbing stairs is a bit of a chore for her. But she manages to keep up, and it doesn't stop her at all.
Also, instead of picking up food to eat, she just sort-of smashes it into her face and what makes it in, she eats, the rest just kind of falls to the ground and becomes a new meal for the dogs.
But... watch this for a 27 month old child.

disability? Pooh Pooh!

ok, so she is in a diaper in this clip, only because she is getting ready for bed shortly afterward.

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