Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strange Dream

OK... so I had another of my weird dreams. I know, I know. but sometimes they just make one stop and think. and no... I do not think my name is Michelle Bachman
So... I cant remember the very beginning to know how it came about, but I was being tested. and the test was if I had the ability to survive. Some of the tests I was told what needed to be done and what was expected of me.

The first one was that I would be able to provide for my family if we lost our home and our jobs.
This one I passed because in my dream I had food storage saved up and we were going to live in our teeny tiny trailer. We have a generator for power. Not ideal, but it could work if necessary.

The second was about marriage. Would I be able to support, and would my husband be able to support the other in the event of difficult situations.

The third one was about charity. If I came into money, would I spend it on myself, frivolous items, or would I give it to people whom I know very well who may be in need.

The fourth one was about sacrifice. If I was in a fire, would I be able to sacrifice one or the other of my children to save the other.  I was in my home and it caught on fire. I only had time to save one of my children. I cheated a little on this one because I knew I would never be able to make that decision, so my decision was that I grabbed both girls and saved both children and sacrificed myself. This was tough and exhausting in my dream because it was hard carrying both children at the same time and deal with smoke inhalation. then I remember huddling in the corner just waiting for the agony of what was about to come and hoping that the smoke would take me long before the fire. However, I was whisked away from the fire before the final minutes. I had passed, yet was chastised, I had not followed the rules. I was asked whom I would save. I told them that I wasn't able to make the decision, but reasoned to them why. One of my children was strong and would be most likely to survive in the event of anything. But one of the children I was sweet and obedient and easier to get along with, but  I would not be sure I could watch her go through what may be about to come. So it would really depend on the circumstance. Because I how I had handled the quest, I had passed for the next quest as well

The fifth task was sacrifice of self. would I sacrifice myself to save my family. I had already shown I could do this with the previous task.

When I was done with the tasks, I was told that it would be "iffy" If I would be able to survive what was about to come in the next few years.

Then, I woke up.

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