Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation: day 4: the boat.

Day 4. Taking the boat out to Rockport.
Now this boat, traded in for our old beater boat, was much nicer and actually runs. The problem is that it is small, and it is fast. Neither of those things are practical for small children. Boating really is not my thing. driving around in circles in water really isn't much different to me that driving around the block in your car.... over and over again. But... that is just me. Baynard loves it.
Taking the boat out was an experience, however when Baynard and I got into a little tiff about my irresponsibility. Turns out my ATM card was not in my wallet, but instead was in my pants pocket at home. Now I understand how inconvenient this is since we were 50+ miles from home. But it wasn't like i did it on purpose, you know.
So... He was a little miffed at me and he and our good friend Bill took off with the boat and left me with the girls and the van. As typical, these sorts of things always backfire, especially when trying to prove a point. This time, it backfired because the battery in the van was dead.
Baynard got out of the park and was heading down the highway when i had to swallow my pride and call him back to jump start my car. He did, it worked and we were all on our way.
The strange thing was....
I am the irresponsible one, but HE left the spare battery to the boat... in the parking lot after jump starting the van.
I guess it only proves that you should never throw stones unless you yourself are innocent of the deed you are accusing.
I think I worded that wrong, but you get the gist!

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