Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was going to write about our vacation time last week. but instead, I am opting to write a bit about my daughter, Nanna Banana.
Nanna is an interesting child. one who is adorable, highly intelligent, huge vocabulary, loves to argue, loves to color, and loves the whole princess and make-up thing.
Nanna also has another side.
The side of confusion, tantrums, dis regulation, aggression and hypersensitivity. She also has some sensory issues.
The reason I am writing today is because I have had a very difficult day with her today.
For some reason, Sundays are always tough for her if Baynard has to go out on the road. I haven't figured out why, unless it is because he is gone and she doesn't have school and she is so regimented in routine that she cant cope. I don't know, but I really REALLY dread Sundays.

Today may have had many triggers, #1, being Sunday, #2, the fact that the boys left and #3 we just got back from vacation and today was back to reality.

At any rate, it was not a good day for us. she spent the morning with mini-tantrums and aggression towards Buggy Boo. She spent time in time out, and in her room. Finally, it was nap time. When she woke up, she was pretty good and I thought that we were in for a much better afternoon. How wrong was I!!! I had decided that since she was behaving herself that it would be a good idea to get her out of the house and go to a movie. so... we went to see Winnie The Pooh.
I allowed her to play a game on my cell phone while I was getting buggy boo ready to go. As I was putting her in her seat, Nanna had a fit because i refused to let her play with the phone in the car. She pushed and hit me. I know I should have stopped right there and then and stayed home. I took my phone, ignored her, and continued putting buggy boo in her seat.
Nanna came around and got into her seat. she was still dis regulated, but was OK.... pretty much. no screaming and no aggression, so I figured all was on the mend. She was really good at the movies, sat through the entire thing, ate popcorn and shared her drink with buggy boo.
After the movie was good too. so I decided we would go shopping and get her some warmer clothes since all her clothes are shorts and t shirts. It was 5:30.
that's when all hell broke loose. I found a cute little hello kitty shirt for her and she wanted to hold it. So, I let her. when i turned around she was pulling the tags off of it and breaking the hanger. I took it from her and put it in the cart. That's when the screaming started. We stayed in the store for about another 1/2 hour. Her screaming and tantrums began to escalate. she was pounding on my hands on the shopping cart, she was screaming "you never let me have anything!" she was kicking at me and Buggy boo and hitting herself in the head. She was determined to have the Hello Kitty shirt.
Finally, i had had it. I laid all of the stuff on a shelf (sorry Target employee) and proceeded to leave the store. The tantrum was full blown by now and people were looking at us all over the store and in the parking lot. She refused to get out of the shopping cart until I forced the issue. I put her in the car and then it was a 10 min (or more) battle to get her to let me buckle her seat belt. It was awful. She was screaming at the top of her lungs until she was horse all the way home.
When we got home, i let buggy boo out and proceeded to let her out, but not saying a word to her. she walked into the house screaming the entire way. "I want my shirt. I want gum, Open the door!" (I know... that's a weird one). I walked in the house, picked her up, grabbed her PJ's and her clonodine. told her to get her jamies on it was time for bed and put her in her room. of course the tantrum continued,. but the reality was.... it really WAS time for bed by this time. (yes, a 3 hour tantrum!) I put buggy boo's jamies on and was snuggling with her. Nanna is still screaming. "No! No! No!" and when I say screaming. I mean literal screaming. The ear shattering, hoarse voice, bounce off the walls and into that place in your brain where your patience has gone away for the weekend. She was finally getting tired and the screams were becoming more like moans. She went to bed.
I hope tomorrow is better.
Today was not a good day to promote her usage of adderall.

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