Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacation days 5 and 6

Day 5, again was uneventful. it rained and there really wasn't much to do. grocery shopping for the forthcoming trip and a visit to the clothing store for me.
I have to admit, the weight loss is a total rush. It blew me away to be 35 lbs lighter and 3 clothing sizes smaller that what I was at Christmas time. It was awesome! It was also very expensive. But after losing my pants at the movie theatre last week, it was time for new clothes that fit my tush.

Day 6... Camping day. We are now at Thursday and hoping for a trip out. We sent Nanna to school and was looking forward to leaving asap when she got home. Well, you know the best laid plans..... there were mechanical issues to be dealt with and "pig-tails" to be fixed. Of course in the end, none of this mattered because the rigged pig-tails came undone anyhow and we had no break lights for our little caravan which consisted of Annie and Earls custom van pulling our small but adequate camp trailer followed behind by our ATVs.
Off to American Fork canyon. one of my favorite. We get up the canyon looking for a campsite. turns out that the pay spots, although inexpensive, you cannot take your ATVs in. well, of course we don't want to leave the showpiece unhitched at the bottom of the mountain, so we look for a free one. would you believe that the trail-based campsites were closed? How rude!
We finally found a great spot to camp in the middle of the Aspen Grove. It was beautiful! We start getting things ready and notice a sign. "no off road vehicles allowed". Ugh. so... there are trails to ride up the mountain, but we cant ride them because the road and campsites are banned from ATVs. DANG! I wanted to ride up and find that old old cemetery! Oh well. I guess since we were the only campers in that site, we were OK to ride the girls down to the outhouse. Not quite the same.... sigh.
The campsite itself was wonderful! It was beautiful up there and quiet and smelled so woodsy. The girls had a great time exploring and some kind soul had left us plenty of firewood. Camp fires are always awesome! Time to roast Marshmallows! MMMMM! nothing like roasted (or in my case a flaming torch) marshmallows. I like them blackened and goey. that burnt sugar taste is wonderful!. The girls however, do not share in my love of the torch. "Eeewe, mommy! its burnt! I don't like it!" So, I enjoyed my burnt marshmellows all to myself, although a bit disappointed in my candy loving crew not even being willing to try the flaming goey mess. Night time arrives. What? the water jugs did not get filled? The propane tanks were lower that thought? and.... remember the battery at Rockport? well... now is when it comes in to play.... or... doesn't as the case happens to be. and the BBQ was left home. We were in a hurry to get out of town after all...
OK. we are roughing it. it is fine, we have a camp fire, sandwich meat, plenty to drink and hot dogs (also ripe for the flaming torch!). We also have hand sanitizer and an outhouse nearby. We can make due. and we do. The dogs are loving the exploration although very reluctant about it. Especially Lucy, our little shih-tzu.
Until Nanna sees a sign with a picture of a bear on it. Now all of a sudden her little dramatic mind goes crazy that Buggy boo is going to be eaten by a bear. (sigh)
OK OK. time for bed.
Baynard is worried about sleeping in the bed, that it is not sturdy enough for the two of us. He gallantly volunteers to sleep on the floor. I sleep on the sofa bed and the girls sleep on the bunk. I really don't think what I did was sleep, I was so worried about the girls that every time I heard them move I panicked and jumped out of bed. The make-shift rail I made held them in place and they were fine, none the worse. I don't think Baynard slept well either. How could he on the floor with no blankets? But for him, the cool temps were perfect for him and he actually slept better than I did.
We made it! Our first real time away from home with the girls! Our first camping experience and it wasn't as awful as I had envisioned! Awesome!

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