Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The holidays.

As a kid I remember Halloween. actually, nearly all of them. I remember looking in peoples windows because this was the beginning of the holidays where nearly everyone either painted scenes on their windows, or had cardboard cut-outs for each holiday. The children in the home would also put whatever witch, ghost or pumpkin art project they had recently made in the front window. It was exciting to see. You don't see that anymore.
Costumes: While other kids had flimsy store-bought costumes that usually tore (they weren't much heavier that the average hefty garbage bag) before the trick or treating ended. Others also had awful plastic masks that hurt your eyes and the little rubber band string would get caught in your hair. One year I actually got a scooby-doo one. I was so disappointed!
My mom made me the coolest costumes. I never really appreciated all the time and effort she put into them until now, having kids of my own. I was a bumble bee, complete with striped "leggings" (otherwise knows then as stirrup pants), There was the leopard, it was really cool because she made the head detachable, as well as the tail and I had cute one piece PJ's. One year she made me a full Raggedy Ann costume, as well as a little raggedy Ann doll to go with it. One year I was a hobo ghost. Cute costume, but not so friendly for the church costume parade! But... My favorite one of all was when she made my nephew Corey and I Indian (OK... Native American) costumes. They were much like traditional Navajo costumes right down to the moccasin laces. She even sewed each red white and yellow seed bead in patterns. all by hand.
Yes, my mom was an amazing woman.
But honestly, trick or treating was not my thing.
First of all, I had this weird sensory thing about having makeup on. HATED it. it felt yucky like food that needed to be wiped off, and the smell, ICK! so... makeup wasn't even an option. And of course you could not wear any sort of mask to school. so really, even though my costumes were adorable... not so school friendly, at least for me.
After getting home from school, it was a quick dinner, usually of chili dogs. Chili was OK. but hot dogs... oh man! hot dogs and I just don't get along. for many years my mom thought i was just a picky eater. But when i eat hot dogs, even to this day, I get severe migraines. when I was about 25 a doc told me that it is the nitrates in them. I was finally justified!
So off we would go. me, at 7 with a migraine and a plastic pumpkin bucket. I was an early to bed type child so I was crabby about that as well. then the thoughts of going to peoples houses and begging for candy? awe mom! Especially those die-hard Halloween houses that were just scary for little sensitive me. I usually made it around the block, and I was done. too tired, to sick and too embarrassed.
Come-on. just buy me a bag of m&m's and i would be happy.
Which brings me to another point. some how, after trick-or treating, all of my chocolate based candy items disappeared under the pretense, "we have to make sure it is safe". there must have been a lot of unsafe chocolate back then. good thing there was that awful double bubble bubble gum that was always hard as a rock, the dumdum suckers which were so tiny you could almost swallow them home, and of course, the good ole stand-by to this day.... Smarties! They were always safe to eat. Bummer about that 3 Musketeers bar though!

Five little pumpkins
Sitting on a gate
The first one said,
"Oh, my, it's half past eight!"
The second one said,
"There are witches in the air!"
The third one said,
"Good folk, beware!"
The fourth one said,
"We'll run and run and run!"
The fifth one said,
"Let's have some fun!"
OOOOOOOH, went the wind
And OUT went the light
And the five little pumpkins
Rolled out of sight

So, tomorrow is halloween, and i am getting ready to paint my kids' faces, I have their plastic buckets ready, and we are having chilidogs for dinner. Then we are off to beg for candy. I hope the snickers bars arent safe for my children to eat this year! ;)

Happy Halloween everybody!
BTW my kids are, Buggy boo wanted to be a dragon, Nanna wanted to be a dog, J wanted to be a military guy, and C wanted to be a female vampire.

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