Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Family

On the morning of August 5 2009 we got a call from DCFS. It wasn't a call we were expecting. We were supposed to begin move-in day with a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. The reason DCFS called was that the children would not be joining us, instead they would be living with their great aunt.  I was devistated.
4 hours later DCFS called us again. this time with happier news, stating that they had a 6 week old baby who was in need of emergency placement. My heart raced. I needed no other information. I wanted that baby!  Then the caseworker proceeded with, "before you answer, you have to know that she has a 16 month old sister as well."
I could hardly believe it! I was in tears, but frantic at the same time. I had been expecting a 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl... not two babies! I had NOTHING for 2 babies!
Baynard was not home. he would not be home for 2 more days. I cant imagine how difficult it must have been for him.

When DCFS came,  I was thrilled!   The first child i was to see was Nanna.  Nanna was beautiful. she had silky shoulder length hair, these bold cheeks, a beautiful smile and this amazing almond shaped eyes I was in love!  My first meal with Nanna was macaroni and hot dogs (still a favorite of Nannas). She ate everything on her plate. and was rewarded with an Oreo cookie, (thus the messy face) She was able to use both a spoon and a fork. She would not take a bottle. She had no security object. She was a sweet child with a silly gurgly voice. She had 3 words. "Dadda, Eat, and  ah me" (which was actually airplane) She didn't cry for 2 days, but she also didn't sleep. She would NOT sleep. She would not be cuddled, She would not be held. She would not look me in the eye.
When they brought Buggy-Boo in to me, I know it was bad, but i just couldn't bring myself to calling her by her birth name.  so I began calling her "Baby Girl".  As Nanna grew, she couldn't say Baby Girl, so it turned into Gee Bee Gee. To this day, we still call her "Gee" (with a soft "g" sound) She had this funny little hair that stood up just like a little monchichi doll I used to have. She was so tiny. She was so somber. she was so helpless... and I knew she was mine. I knew that this little 6 week old, meth addicted 8lb baby girl, Gee Bee Gee was the baby I had dreamed of. She would not take a pacifier, and only would drink from dollar store bottles. She attached herself to her Tinkerbell blanket and she still carries it around.

I couldn't believe that I now had not only ONE baby, but TWO! The first year was a total roller coaster ride.
There were promises of rehab, inpatient treatment where the girls would be allowed to go with with mom, or with dad. There were promises of extended family trying to get them.  It was such turmoil. Visitations were horrible on Buggy. they were worse on Nanna. She still remembers her birth mom and calls her "Moo moo". We have no idea why, and every time we go near the Oquirrh office, she asks if she can stop by "moo-moo's" house and see her. Buggy Boo had a few weeks of withdrawals, but not too big of a deal. She was left with no residual effects with the exception of a slower to develop left side.
Now, Nanna has finished up her time at her therapeutic preschool, She has a monstrous vocabulary, is very active and very brave. She loves to draw, and eat. she loves to be daring and bold. She makes friends easily and is a charming child to be around. She wants to grow up and be a princess or a therapist!
Buggy is growing up too fast. She is a sweet and quiet child. She has an amazing imagination. She is very smart, loving and a sweet soul. She still doesn't run and jump like other children, but she is just fine with her galloping lope. When she grows up she wants to be a baby dragon.

On August 30, we will have been an official family for 2 years. I love my girls very much. I will always be grateful for their birthmom for bringing them into this world to be a part of our family.


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  1. YOU ARE AWESOME>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just Look at those HAPPY, HEALTHY FACES! I am a better person for knowing you!