Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Friday, June 10, 2011

First night with the boys

Tonight is the first over night with the boys. 7 is struggling. I just can't even imagine what he must have gone through in his short little life. He is trying to be brave. but he is making these quiet little whimper noises. Kind of like a little puppy does. I ask him what would make him feel safe. He really has no answer other than worries. Every time he tries to talk, little 4 by 4 interrupts him and over talks him.
4x4 is a little like Nanna Banana. Demanding of conversation with little or nothing to say.
It is kind of peculiar. I ask 7 what makes him feel safe. He starts to tell me that having the lights on will help. he gets to the but 4x4 interrupts and asks if he wants to sleep with one of the other stuffed animals, is it OK. etc. He is funny. I think conversation is his way of dealing with things.
I expect to have one or the other of them come and tell me that the bed is wet, or.... (hopefully not!). I will  consider it a huge success if it is not.
I hope they feel safe enough tonight to sleep. for both our sakes!
They do seem happy here. maybe our simple life is really what they need right now.
They are great kids. They deserve so much better than the horrible start they got in life.

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  1. I am just struggling for a child to be so fearful of everything. What in the world could he have gone through? Could he be a form of "a child called it"? But at the same time he has such a tough exterior. I don't worry nearly as much about 4x4. he is going to make it through fine. But my heart just aches for 7.
    I think back and even before having the boys, I thought to myself how special to me my 7th birthday was. I remember I got an etch a sketch for my birthday and my Aunt Paula had sent me a Barbie in the mail. It was wrapped and placed on my dresser for first thing in the morning. I dont know what else I got that year, but I do remember feeling safe, and loved and happy.
    How did he spend his 7th birthday?