Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking a Bath

Made the kids breakfast, got them all dressed. Changed diapers, Put in a movie they all enjoy, gave them snacks and a drink.
Whew! All bases covered.
All is quiet.
I sneak into the bathroom as quiet as I can. YES! A nice hot bath. Complete with REAL hot water. As far as I knew, no one knew where I was. after removing two Barbies, several pieces of a tea set, a hot wheels car and a pair of miss
matched socks (I have no idea, and am not sure I want to know!) I climb in.

I kid you not, the second my body hit the water. Buggyboo runs in. "I want a banana!" And had a minor melt down.
A few minutes later, here comes 4x4. "uhn. Mom... Uhn... The VCR (yes, we still use vhs) isn't working. I think maybe the book buggy boo put in there broke it. I think, maybe."
Really? Seriously?
I dunk my head under the water. It is a great way to drown out unwanted noise.
But it doesn't down out the blood curdling scream of buggy boo and 4x4 and 7 "I didn't do it!". Followed by the sound of four feet scrambling out the door. I look over and see eight little fingers poking under the door. "owie finger mamma, I need bandaide".
I smile to myself knowing that she is trying her darndest to show me her finger.
Ok. Time to wash hair. "why isn't the shampoo sudsing? Oh crud! Its conditioner!" I look around to see that the only shampoo in the bathroom is Johnson and Johnson head to toe. Ok.... Well, I guess it will have to do. Just as an fyi, it does with but you need like half a bottle lol
Next, in comes 7 crying and 4x4 is frantically explaining that buggy boo hit 7 with a boomerang.
Sigh.... Time to get out and do damage control. What? No towel? Yeah... Figures.
Time for damage control. Hallway and living room ok. Then the kitchen... Foam stickers stuck on the flour. I guess we need to give him credit for the dinosaur/star pattern that had ben created. There is a boomerang in the sink, and a "little golden".book stuck in the vcr. The snacks I had given them are mashed into the carpet and only one sippy cup can be found.and it had the lid missing.
The toilet downstairs is flooding and buggy boo is stark naked.
Guess there is something to be said about the 3 minute shower
Next time....

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  1. Oh G!
    You make me feel good with what you write. I can't remember the last time I had a bath. I'm guessing it's been about 3 years. Thanks for making me smile!