Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Monday, August 8, 2011

Great times! Alpine Loop, American Fork Canyon, Utah

It has been a good few weeks in spite of my ailments.
I took the kids up Rose canyon to hike (that was great!)
We took them up American Fork Canyon to Tibble
Tibble is a small reservoir that is motor boat free, has fish, but is pretty warm. people canoe, rowboat and some just float around. Most of us choose to just play near the water, or hike. It is an easy hike (heck yeah! if I can do it!) its a 2 mile hike that goes up the mountain and around the back side of the reservoir. it takes about an hour or so to do it (for me with kids in tow).
I like this canyon a lot and I discovered it a long time before I got married. It is a quick and cheap get away that even has flushing toilets in the bathrooms, to my applause! We all had a good time!
After that we went a little higher up to Silver Lake Flats. Not the best drive to take my van, but we made it and survived the bumpy dirt road up there. It is gorgeous too.
Silver Lake is bigger than Tibble, and much higher. it is also colder and not as friendly to kids and rafts or floaties. But playing on the little beach area, on the middle left, or just exploring and walking around the edge is fun. It is mostly fisherman and families with dogs that hang out up there. Horses and ATVs also invade the space.
If you go a little higher, there is a very very old cemetery. I believe it is called Cemetery Hill. Somewhere I have photos of it. I will have to upload them when i find it. I cannot find any online to show you. Supposedly, there were about 100 people or so buried up there from the late 1800's because they got hit with a sudden outbreak of cholera. Most of the people up there are children. It is a very solemn place and you can only get there by ATV, horseback or on foot. but I have heard that it has since been removed.
It is gorgeous up the Alpine Loop. If you have never been, it is an amazing drive, especially in the autumn time when the leaves change.I really wished we had the resources to go camping up there. All the kids really enjoy it! And so do I.
Next time, I think we will take the dogs.