Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Weird day

Today started out different. I don't know, I cant put my finger on it, but sometimes you have those amazingly wonderful days where everything goes right, everything you touch seems to turn to gold and every sound you hear is like a baby's giggle. Today was not one of those days.
Sometimes you have those horrendous days where the first step out of bed is a stubbed toe, everything you touch is gooey and slimy, and every sound you hear is either a bill collector, a child screaming, or something breaking. (or all of the above all at once).Today was not one of those days either.
Today was one of those days where you just scratch your head and go "huh?"
I really noticed it when I got a call from Bubby's teacher. "Ma'am, would you please bring Bubby some clothes?"
 "Clothes?" I asked.
 "Yes, ma'am. Bubby is not wearing clothes, he is in his pajamas, would you please bring him some clothes as quickly as possible?"
 "Yes, of course" I said.
I sort-of throw on some of my clothes, and throw Buggyboo in the car. It was just going to be a quick trip to the school. no need for socks, slippers are fine.
I get to the school, and there stands Bubby in his camouflage one piece polar-fleece snugly Jammie's, with his snow boots. I roll my eyes, as I think back.
I remember thinking how compliant he was. He had not wanted to take a coat nor backpack to school for the last week. he had also insisted on wearing his "crocs" without socks even though there is snow. but today, he had his coat on and ready nearly 1/2 hour early, he had his backpack waiting and his snow boots on. I didn't pay attention to his pants because nearly all of his clothing is camouflage anyhow. I remember him looking a little nervous at me as he ran outside to wait for his bus... on the other side of the street. I swear I thought he had pants on, but I didn't do a full clothing inspection either. I guess that is a new chore on the list.
It was so obvious now, but thinking back, he knew exactly what he was doing.
So, I stand there looking at this lanky 11 year old curly blond hair boy with hauntingly blue eyes with this tilted head and cheesy grin standing there in his classroom with his camouflage snugly Jammie's on.
How can you not smile?

It was just weird all day.... like that.

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