Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Photos ...2011

So, we finally did it.
Family photos.
We braved the Wal-Mart jungle and went to their photo studio to have our yearly family photo taken. OK... our yearly pilgrimage to have photos taken of the children, but this time we decided that we needed to have myself and Baynard in them as well as ALL the children.
We opted for a simple navy polo to be worn by all, with jeans of your choice.
Easy right?
well.... the idea for the navy polos was because Baynard already has one, LeeLee has them for her school uniform, of which she can give one to Bubby. So, just myself and the little girls.
First we started with Bubby and LeeLee together. Actually, these were probably some of the better shots, inspite of Bubbys cheesy over smile which I guess was to compensate for LeeLee's NON-Smile. but it really did end up being a decent picture.
Next we tried to do the entire family. I dont know what was harder to deal with. the wackyness of the kids or the high strung "big kid". .  I honestly don't think that they have ever had studio shots because they kept making bunny ears and gang-type signs. We finally got one that was... somewhat OK.
we also did one with just all the kids, Nanna and Buggy-boo alone and one each of the girls alone.
It was tough. not many of the shots turned out. I was not impressed with the photographer, nor of the photos themselves. I think she just wanted to leave.
Next time... Tiffany for sure!
I can't wait to see them in print however, even if goofy, there are still some OK shots.

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  1. I can point you to my photographer of choice. She's been doing our shots since we got kids, is great with kids (even the big kind) and not very expensive.
    As an aside, it's 4 am, I know you aren't sleeping and I'm thinking of you.