Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Princess Nanna

Nanna is going to be four (chronologically) in a few weeks. She is more like a 15 year old. If you ask her, she IS a princess. Not just any princess, but THE PRINCESS. As in.... there are no other princesses that exist, except her. Well, OK, I will buy that. There really are no other princesses quite like my Nanna.
Most often she refuses to wear clothes, but instead chooses to dress in her dress-up princess clothes. She would wear them to school if I would allow it. She loves playing with make-up, and more than one child after a play date has gone home with a face stained with eye shadow (put on quite well, I might add) lipstick on their cheeks and somewhere near their mouth.
She always has to have her hair done, and especially loves it when I do it in a French braid or a bun. (She has very thick and very long hair).
She also will wear her heels (plastic dress-up shoes with about an inch heel).
And her favorite color is pink, of course.
Probably the funniest princess thing about her is that she even has a boyfriend at her preschool whom she constantly refers to as her "Prince". He is a little 5 year old Latino boy (who is kind of cute, I have to admit) with dark hair cut in a Cesar cut, olive skin and huge round eyes, and don't forget the dimples. Yes, Prince Luke, has a dimple.
If you ask her, she will tell you, "Luke is my boyfriend, he is my Prince". But in order to understand what she is saying, you have to SEE it. She will clasp her hands together and put them under her chin. Next is the classic head tilt and batting of the eyelashes. She tops it off with the spin-around.
You can't help but smile and play along.
So, Friday was Luke's last day in her class. She knew this was coming, and wanted to give him a going-away present. She made a little card for him and wanted to string him some beads for a bracelet. OK.
Yesterday was Monday. She came home from school and told me that her Prince was now Noah. This is an interesting dynamic because Noah was her boyfriend about 3 months ago. She used to play "puppy" with him. she would pull him around the classroom with a leash and tell him if he was a good puppy or a bad puppy. I hope this isn't a sign of deviant behavior later in life.
So, I ask her, “Is your relationship with Luke over?"
"Yes, I won’t see him anymore." she says.
"Maybe you can hook up in High School?" I ask/
"No, mom, don't be silly! He's gone! He won’t be back! Never!" she says agitated, dancing from one foot to the other in her pink heels.
"So you have moved on then?"
"Yes, she replies, "Noah is now my Prince. He does what I tell him to do."
"So, Luke is barely out the door, and he is replaced so suddenly with Noah?”  I ask, egging her on.
"Mo o o o m. she says, rolling her eyes. I HAVE to have a Prince! She is flailing her arms around now pleading for my understanding. It is quiet now as she is thinking.
I kid you not, this is what happened.
She sits down on the floor puts her head down, and says, "But.... I shoulda kissed Luke first." and she heaves a heavy sigh.
that's my 15 year old princess Nanna. what am I going to do with her? She even asked her dad when he was going to teach her to drive! What is she going to be like when she really IS 15?
I put my head down, heave a sigh and say to my self as I roll my eyes and think to myself, "oh Nanna, what am I going to do with you?"

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