Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand
Nanna Banana holding daddy's hand

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 wheels and a life spared

My little family decided to pack up and go 4 wheelin' to celebrate my good news.
We pulled together the little green 4 wheeler (mine) and the white speedster (Baynard's) and headed for the hills near Eagle Mountain, called 5 Mile pass.
We were just buzzing around, and my friends, Earl and Anne were with us. Baynard decided to try going up this incredible hill. Me being a scary-cat, couldn't even go near the hill. But Baynard is up for the thrill.
He was determined to trek it on the white speedster.
I on the other hand, am much less about the thrill as I am the adventure. I like to ride to "see whats on the other side". and I am too chicken. if i don't feel completely in control, I wont do it. But.... my adventurousness caused me to get lost the last time we went out. so it has its draw backs too! I took off and went towards the dry creek bed.
He went for the scary hill.
He got a pretty good run on it at first, but as he neared about 3/4 the way up, the trail became very rocky. the torque of his super powerful man-bike became too much and the bike flipped over the top of him.
He was NOT wearing a helmet.
He had the presence of mind to let go of the bike and I believe that he kicked it off of him. but now he has 2 broken ribs, a bruised lung, serious road rash on his back, a nasty looking knee and several cuts and bruises on various parts of his body.
but not a single head wound
We (He) is very lucky.
the ranger chewed him out and told him he was damn lucky to be alive.
We think so too.
Sometimes the thrill is just not worth it.
As Baynard's Brother says, "you have to respect the machine".
We were lucky also that Earl was with us because he talked the ranger out of giving us a fine for not having helmets. He also wanted to take Baynard to the hospital right then and there. He, and the people that helped him back down the hill, were all surprised he didnt have head injury.

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